Jurnal CARE (Children Advisory Research and Education)

JURNAL CARE is a scientific journal on Early Childhood Education that aims to communicate research results of professors, teachers, practitioners, and scientists in the field of early childhood education covering the fields of basic teaching in preschool, applied science and analytical-critical studies in the field of care-giving, child protection and child nutrition and health.

Target readers of the journal are professors, students, teachers and practitioners of early childhood education.

JURNAL CARE has registered number ISSN: 2355-2034 (printed) &  ISSN: 2527-9513 (online) which is published twice a year, in January and July.

Author can submit manuscript by doing online submition. Author must read AUTHOR GUIDELINES before doing online submission. Template of article can be download in right sidebar. Any changes to the journal appear at JOURNAL HISTORY.




HOW TO REGISTER? bagaimana cara mendaftar akun?


to register please kindly contact 081232503535 (JiC JURNAL CARE) to inform your:



Posted: 2021-01-03

HOW TO REGISTER? bagaimana cara mendaftar akun?


Untuk saat ini, silahkan hubungi 081232503535 (JiC Jurnal CARE) untuk pembuatan akun di Jurnal CARE. Selanjutnya dengan akun tersebut anda dapat melakukan submit artikel secara mandiri.

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Posted: 2021-01-03
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