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At the elementary school level, sains learning still monotonous and
uninteresting because elementary school system with classroom teachers to make
the teachers have difficulty in using the right strategy. Teachers are required to
achieve the target material that is quite a lot and should be comleted in each
semester.This situation resulted in the lack of attention of student in the process of
learning activities so that a low student motivation. Under these conditions, the
purpose of this research is to improve students motivation through quantum
teaching method of learning process in the fourth grade students of SDN 02 Wates
Distric jenangan, Ponorogo.This research is a classroom action research (PTK),
which consists of the first cycle and the second cycle. The study subjects were
students of class 4 SDN 02 Wates wich consist 11 students. Collecting data in this
study using a questionnaire to determine students motivation, and the observation
sheet in the form of check list to determine the activity of students. Before held
research student motivation is low. Then after research showed that motivation of
students of cycle 1 45,5% and cycle II 82% increased 36,5%. Interpretation of
student learning to learning in sycle 1 is 36% and cycle II increased to 82%.
Student activity in I cycle was 27,3% and in the II cycle increased to 81,8%. The
result showed that the use of quantum teaching methods can improve students
motivation in learning sains SDN 02 wates.


motivation in learning; sains; quantum teaching methods

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