Pandemic COVID-19 Discourse and Stance-taking in ‘Six Feet Apart’ Song Lyrics

Sigit Ricahyono, Lusia Kristiasih Dwi Purnomosasi, Clarissa Collado, Rhia Khaulafa Rosyada


This study aims to uncover how Luke Combs uses linguistic devices in the lyrics of "Six Feet Apart" to take stance on the COVID-19 pandemic. A thorough study of the data's content was done within the constraints of the "Appraisal" analytical methodology. The results show that positive values are preferred over negative ones. The data recorded under "affect," which totaled 42 and contributed 84 percent, was higher than the data under "appreciation," which totaled 10 and contributed just 20%, and the data under "judgment," which were both zero. All data was obtained from a single monogloss source. The results suggest that Luke Combs’ stance is seeing the silver line in the dark cllouds of the pandemic COVID-19 during lockdowns and physical distancing.


COVID-19, Discourse, Stance-taking, Appraisal, Six Feet Apart.

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