Author Fees

Assets: Jurnal Akuntansi dan Pendidikan charges the following author fees:

Article Submission : 250.000,00 IDR
Article Processing Charges (APCs) : 0,00 IDR
Article Publication : 1.000.000,00 IDR

When the author uploads the script for the first time, it is required to pay 250,000 IDR - to the BRI account 00 450 10 800 455 07 (Elly Astuti) and upload payment slip in the supplementary file on the OJS. Submission fees are forfeited when the author does not follow up on the results of the review for 2 weeks. When the script is declared accepted, the author is required to pay 1,000,000 IDR. Postponement of payment means a delay in the publication of the manuscript. The publication of the manuscript is based on the completion of the revision and editing of the manuscript to maintain the quality of the article. For the delivery of two copies of the printed version and regional shipping costs, the author pays 250,000 IDR (this is optional). To get subscription info, please call the contact person (by phone/WA).