Activa Yuris: Jurnal Hukum

Activa Yuris is a scientific journal that publishes articles from the field of law. Activa Yuris is Published by Law Department, Universitas PGRI Madiun. Activa Yuris invites lecturers, researchers, students, and legal practitioners to publish their scientific works in accordance with the field :

  1. Constitutional law
  2. Administrative law
  3. Criminal law
  4. Civil law
  5. Contract law
  6. Customary law
  7. Islamic law
  8. Business law
  9. Agrarian law   
  10. Human rights   
  11. Anti Corruption law   
  12. Arbitration Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution   
  13. Environmental law   
  14. Company law   
  15. Health law   
  16. Legal Profession   
  17. International law   
  18. Air and Space Law   
  19. Law of the Sea   
  20. Procedural law   
  21. Bankruptcy law   
  22. Tax law   
  23. Labor law
  24. Information Technology and Electronics law / ITE Law
  25. Legal education
Activa Yuris with registered number ISSN: 2775-6211 (online) has been covered by the following indexing and abstracting services:

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Vol 1, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents


Muhammad Zulhidayat  (Universitas Jakarta)   

  10.25273/ay.v1i2.9891     Abstract views : 161

Yoga Pratama Pratama  (Universitas Bung Hatta) 
Deaf Wahyuni Ramadhani  (Universitas Bung Hatta)     

  10.25273/ay.v1i2.9948     Abstract views : 91

Rahman Risanto  (Universitas Mulawarman) 
La Syarifuddin  (Universitas Mulawarman) 
Rini Apriyani  (Universitas Mulawarman)   

  10.25273/ay.v1i2.8628     Abstract views : 82

Nur Solikin  (IAIN Jember)   
Amran Khaliqurrahman  (IAIN Jember) 

  10.25273/ay.v1i2.10099     Abstract views : 116

Risma Dewi Hermawan  (Universitas Duta Bangsa) 
Aris Prio Agus Santoso  (Universitas Duta Bangsa)   
Gempar Putra  (Universitas Duta Bangsa) 

  10.25273/ay.v1i2.10106     Abstract views : 260