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The purpose of this research is to describe the portrayal of hero and heroic mode in the American Sniper movie and explain the reason of hero and heroic mode are represented in the American Sniper movie. The researcher uses popular literature in this study. The research method is descriptive qualitative research. There are two sources of the data; they are primary data and secondary data. The primary data of this research is taken from American Sniper movie. Meanwhile, the secondary of this research are from references from other source which are related to the popular literature. The technique of collecting data is by using documentation. The content analysis is chosen to analyze the data. The result of the research is described as follows: 1) The portrayal of hero has already happened in the previous time, but the heroic mode of hero’s mentality as a husband and father who love his wife and his family as it is shown in American Sniper movie is one of new version which does not happen in the previous time. 2) It shows that the movement of action war movie from time to time reflects the audiences’ interest or the movie lovers to the action war movie. So, it is the motivation for the Hollywood production to continuously create the newest hero movie to fulfill the market request.


Populal Culture; Popular Literature; Hero; Heroic mode; Navy seal; Movie

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