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by Viet Nam (2018-08-14)

Cake Squeeze the Shoulder is squeezed from the dough sticky, wet, fine to grind the dough is people pomegranate choose the skills and the kind of fine Bbw Fill – sticky rice famous in Luc Ngan. The sticky dough is to mix the leaves of wormwood have grind small new out the characteristic flavor of the cake. Secret to reducing bitter, acrid leaves of wormwood of High, is boiled with lime water. The dough preparation is done, the cake is made from the green beans along the way. Green beans, steaming them up, rubbing puree and mix along the road is mixture of smooth puree, and flexible. International travelers of hotels-in-vietnam.com new top gear were impressed with the dark green color of the cake, the scents of wormwood warm dark of cake, eat on back, flexible, thick, sweet, sticky toughness along with green beans, lightly sweet and buttery with a delicious, attractive.
All material was finished, the cake package, cake are skillful or not show the package are cleverly have skilled not one of the round dough is playdough flat out never get the beans just right, then vo round again not to burn, finally take the banana leaves have emanated for flexible package back into shape tip. Cake package done went steaming in account almost 2 hours when taste banana leaves, the same leaves wormwood nong nan flight out is at cake, Squeeze the Shoulder was cooked.

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