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Highly Rated Shoe Guidance

by Monroe Winifred (2019-08-14)

I am not too crazy about athletic gear (tank top and yoga pants are all I need) but I like having a great pair of shoes for that extra motivation. Moreover, let me tell you how I always come home with a pair that catches my eye rather than their functionality (smart right). Luckily, besides minor aches here and there, I have not had any major injuries (knock on wood)..As a result, for the sake of my own safety and hopefully yours, I wanted to share few things I think most of us need to think about before purchasing a brand new athletic pair.

Right Shoe for the ideal Workout: a shoe designed for running can be very different than a shoe for playing basketball.

Running shoes have no lateral stability built into them because you don't move your feet laterally whenever you run. You are only going forward. A running shoe is built to give you support and stability while you move your foot over the running gait cycle.

Know your Foot: Do a "wet test"- wet a foot, step on a piece of brown paper and trace your footprint. Or simply look-at where your last pair of shoes shows the most wear. This will tell you should you have high, flat or neutral arch and based upon that pick the shoe with the correct support and cushioning. I have a neutral arch so I go for a shoe with equal blend of cushioning and stability.

Ask, Research, Test Drive: An excellent pair of athletic shoes can cost from $80-$200 but expensive doesn't necessarily translate as the most effective. I usually read reviews before hand and plan on spending sometime at the store, ask questions, and try it on with my socks before you make a final purchase.

Know when to replace them: I am guilty of not throwing away my running shoes since senior year of university (now don't ask me when I graduated college).

The average athletic shoe is only made to last approximately 500 miles for people that walk and 350-500 miles for heavy runners or "hard foot strikers," people that hit the ground harder than normal with their feet. Weight and use can also be a factor - the greater you weigh, and also the more frequently you use your shoes, the faster your shoes will wear out. Most athletic shoes, used regularly, need to be replaced every three to six months.

Get Measured and Purchase Late: Did you realize that your shoe size and shape changes when you age? I rarely get my foot measured but for the most comfortable fitting, get it measured while you are at the shoe store. I have also noticed that my size slightly differs based upon different brands.

Our feet swell throughout the day, after a long walk, or a run, so it really is best shoes online to buy shoes at the end of your shopping trip when your foot will be at the largest as a way to get the most comfortable fit (source).