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by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-03)

I started planning my meals the next day and when I read Floraspring Review the nutrition labels on the boxes I was floored at how much sodium and sugar was in the products that I bought! Needless to say, some of those meals made me sick and I gained a lot of water weight that week. Surveys have shown that people who don't eat before they shop tend to impulse shop more that people who eat before a shopping trip. After my experience, I make sure I eat before any shopping trip, even when I got to buy clothes. This tip really works. Next I make sure to shop the perimeter of the store. Let's take a look at what products are on the outside of the store; fresh bread, produce, meat, and dairy products. These items are on the outside because they have a shorter shelf life and have to be changed out more often if not purchase in time. Shopping in these areas every week will guarantee that you'll be eating foods that are fresh and healthy, but they can be expensive if you decide to buy the organic items. This is where the last rule comes into play. Stick to your budget. If the steak looks good, but you have chicken in your budget this week, then get the chicken and put steak in your budget for next week.