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Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

by travelnews site (2019-07-25)


Stony Plain is part of Alberta’s collection of large rural towns. Located just west of Edmonton, it is a favorite destination for daytrips or weekend retreats. Its proximity to Canada’s larger cities makes the town an attractive destination for commuters. ‘The Town with the Painted Past’ has walls decorated with a multitude of colorful murals. A walk through the city’s streets provides guests with glimpses of Stony Plain’s local history and important figures. The thirty works of art that consume Stony Plain’s wall is just a sample of what awaits visitors. 

Tourist Attractions 

Alberta’s gem promises to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Its attractions perfectly compliment Stony Plain’s small town charm. The tree-lined historic downtown is brimming with charming restaurants and boutiques. The walls of the city alone serve as interesting attractions, which feature at least 30 murals and paintings by Canadian artists. The town’s Multicultural Heritage Center accompanies guests through the mural tours. The center also has a home-cooked café menu and a general store. 

Things to Do 

Stony Plains has more than 25 kilometers of trails suitable for biking and walking. If you’re geared on more extreme sports, try BMX biking and skateboarding at the Skate or BMX Park. Sample the town’s fresh air at the hilly expanse of the Stony Plain Golf Course, which has challenging 18 holes and fairways. For more relaxing activities, try a picnic in one of the town’s numerous parks. The Stony Plain Lions RV Park offers camping grounds for the outdoor enthusiast. Visit the Eden North Parachute schools for tandem skydiving and first jump courses. Book your Stony Plain Hotels with Reservations.com. 

When to Visit 

During the first week of June, the town of Stony Plain celebrates Farmers’ Days. The week-long celebration is complete with fair grounds, pancake breakfasts for everyone, Kinsmen rodeos, and a Farmers’ Days Parade. In the first week of the succeeding month, the town celebrates the Great White North Triathlon. Apart from these usual summer festivities, the town also hosts at least two major festivals: the Cowboy Poetry & Country Music Gathering, and western Canada’s largest bluegrass event, the Blueberry Bluegrass & Country Music Festival, both of which are held in August. During the month of December, Main Street becomes decorated with holiday lights, and the town sets a huge Christmas tree on the middle of the street. The Family Fest event during New Year’s Eve soon follows, which is usually held at the Rotary Park. Events include fireworks, skating on the pond, and free hot chocolate for everyone. 

Best Museums 

For more than three decades, the Multicultural Heritage Centre has been promoting and preserving Stony Plain’s history. Included in the center are the Oppertshauser House, an ethnic craft store, a general store, a homesteader’s kitchen, and a well-preserved settler’s cabin. Beautiful gardens, scenic fountain ponds, and an interesting organic demonstration farm can also be found within the center. The Pioneer Museum, meanwhile, is housed in a barn dating back to the forties. Stony Plain’s agricultural heritage is exhibited with a yearly old time harvest celebration, services of a church from the 1920’s, and a functioning tea house.