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Domain Strategy

by Mr Sam Cherry (2019-12-22)

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Often people purchase domain names that they like or something that helps them create a brand around a concept they personally feel is worthy. Unfortunately obscure terms may not get searched for very often and many search engines look at your domain as another powerful indicator to your market and product. Pick a solid domain name that can offer you great keyword placement AND branding. To do this find out what the most popular searches are for your industry and then search for domains that feature those words, with dashes if available.

Program Resources

Often affiliates do not know what the program has to offer before signing up. Many programs have resources built to help their affiliates succeed. This comes in the form of feeds, content, special product info and graphics. After you sign up contact your affiliate manager or look inside your affiliate admin area to find out if anything is provided. Often affiliate program manager’s are happy to help affiliates with special requirements or at least give them guidance.

Hosting Review

Finding a good hosting provider for your website can be an overwhelming task. There are millions of providers who all seem to offer the same services for different pricing. Not all hosting providers are created equal. When evaluating a provider look at the following important things:

  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Quick Set-Up
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Call recorder
  • Types of Companies they Service
  • Easy Admin of E-Mail and Databases

Once you gather information for these areas, it will be clear to see who really is offering the best service for the price.