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The purpose of this research is to describe the Opus Dei organization inside The Da Vinci Code movie and Opus Dei in reality. It is due to the controversies and much efforts to defend the truth against  the  movie.  This  research  uses  descriptive  qualitative  method.  The  researcher  needs  a sociology of literature by Alan Swingewood to get evidences the effect and goals of the author in creating a story. The analysis reveals that the representation of Opus Dei inside The Da Vinci Code confirms as dangerous  organization, destructive mission, a killer, and corrupted members.  It is contradiction facts far from reality that Opus Dei concerns on the serving people to keep devotion of Christian. Opus Dei is the open legal organization doing charity for better living which has mission and independent finance sources. The conclusion show that the controversies functions to get the movie’s rating raised since it deals with the mass demand in popular literature. The evidences confirm that the representation of Opus Dei inside The Da Vinci Code are negated from the reality.

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