Berbagai Faktor Penentu Kesiapan Untuk Berubah Dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Keberlangsungan Kegiatan UMKM Di Wilayah Terdampak Wabah Covid-19

Agus Prianto, Ira Kurniawati, Moh. Taufik Wahyudi, Eva Yulistia


Currently, real sector business activities are facing severe challenges. The development of ICT and the
emergence of the covid-19 pandemic have led to changes in the business environment. Changes in the
business environment require businesses to adjust by developing new business strategies, so that their
business activities are in line with market demands. This study examines various determinants of
readiness to change and their effect on the continuity of MSME activities in the covid-19 affected areas.
The results of the study revealed that the new values and attitudes of micro business operators did not
support the readiness to change, so they faced the problem of the sustainability of business activities. New
values and attitudes are the main factors that shape readiness to change. While the readiness to change is
an important factor that determines the sustainability of business activities. In addition, this study
revealed that the business environment also as a factor forming change readiness and business
continuity. This research recommends the importance of strengthening new values and attitudes for,
especially for micro business people; so that they are better prepared to face a change. Future studies
need to examine the effect of sudden environmental changes on the sustainability of business activities.


new values and attitudes, business environment climate, readiness to change, business continuity.

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