An Analysis of Politeness in Yowisben Movie (Bayu Skak)

Cindy Aprilia Intan Sari, Rosita Ambarwati, Theresia Budi Sucihati


Language politeness is the subtlety in language used by someone when communicating in all speech situations. When communicating, there are many people who do not understand polite language procedures, the characteristics of polite language, and various things that must be considered in using language. This study aims to describe the types of politeness strategies in the film Yowis Ben. The subject of this research is the dialogue of the film actors which is included in the politeness strategy in the film Yowis Ben. The method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive method, while for data collection the researchers used the Simak Libat Bebas Cakap (SLBC) and the note-taking technique. Data analysis techniques used by researchers are qualitative data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusion/verification techniques. Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that there are 49 utterances in the film Yowis Ben which are included in the use of politeness strategies. In his findings, there were 15 utterances related to bald on-record politeness strategies, 21 utterances related to positive politeness strategies, 12 utterances related to the use of negative politeness strategies, and 1 utterance related to the use of off-record politeness strategies


Politeness; Politeness Strategy; Types of Politeness Strategy

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