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Have you heard of cheating to help you lose weight? If you have not heard about this, now is the perfect time to know everything about this, as this is the ultimate secret that will level a weight loss plateau.

The first thing that you should know is weight plateau. If you have been on a diet for quite some time now, you are most likely to experience this especially if you feel like you are not losing any weight at all, despite of your hard efforts. This is because your body becomes so accustomed already after years of dieting, that it becomes stagnant, thus you are not losing any fats at all. Cheating to help you lose weight is the only sure thing that works for this kind of dilemma. We have already summarized for you the things that will help you understand how to do this:

1. The first thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that your body is not used to dieting all the time. This means that it needs fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and salt from time to time because these things are energy. Your body has a hormonal check-and-balance system that protects you from losing weight too fast that can endanger your life.

2. Leptin is a crucial hormone found in your body that sends signal to your brain of an approaching starvation. As soon as your brain receives the message, it will then put on hold your metabolism, meaning it will slow down, and therefore we will not get rid of any fat.

3. Cheating to help you lose weight is the answer to break this plateau. African Lean Belly This means that after your six days of dieting, you should have a rest day on the 7th day wherein you are free to eat any food you like, be it pizza, cake, ice cream, chocolate etc. This will help you increase your metabolism again hence, start losing again.

Want to find quick diets that work fast to help you lose weight? Read this before attempting them as i recommend a strategy of how to add a cheat day a week to your diet which not only provides a faster rate of fat loss, but it also satisfies your hunger and keep your metabolism rate high! This is definitely a better alternative as compared to quick diets to lose weight.

The problem with the "quick diets for weight loss":

The problem is that as soon as you reduce your calorie intake, it will send alarm signals to the body. Your body has a defense mechanism that protects itself from starvation. Leptin is a hormone in the body that tracks the amount of food you eat. If the food intake you consumed have been drastically reduced, the body will greatly reduce its metabolism, thereby preventing the breakdown of stored energy in the body called fats.

Now you see why quick diets that work fast do not work? Some studies show that the metabolism rate could slow up to 50% in a week of intense reduced diets!

How adding a cheat day can help you lose weight quickly:

What you should do as an alternative to quick diets to lose weight is to find a way to increase your metabolism regularly. If you want to improve your metabolism, all you need to do is to simply eat more.

This is how the idea of scheduling a "cheat day" works. During six days, you reduce your calorie intake (Note - I did not say that you should starve) and then the next 7 days, you trick your body by eating all the kinds of food you want. This is so much more enjoyable than those "fad" diets for weight loss!