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HAKAWA folding chair lying relaxed genuine Ho Chi Minh City
Folding chairs in Ho Chi Minh City- HAKAWA high quality folding chairs are genuine products designed smartly manufactured on modern lines to ensure quality, bringing many benefits to users.

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The chair is made of high quality steel material for sturdy chair, capable of loading up to 300kg, twice as large as other products on the market.

Fabric mesh seats made of high quality polyethylene material for high strength, not only the fabric mesh is also resistant to systems, dust catch and avoid mold moisture.

The thick cushions create a softness that brings great experiences that no other folding chair in Ho Chi Minh City can do. This cushion is also removable removable to suit the needs and preferences of each person.

Premium flexible adjustable head pillow suitable for everyone.

HAKAWA folding chairs not only lead the market in quality but also have the most dedicated customer care policy. It was about last year that HAKAWA was voted as a high-quality service product by consumers in 2019.

HAKAWA relaxing folding chair close friends call family
HAKAWA folding chairs are smart and convenient, and have long become close friends for all Vietnamese families because it brings too many mental and health benefits to consumers.

HAKAWA folding chair located in HCM brings absolute relaxation
There are many folding chairs located in Ho Chi Minh City with many brands, however most of the products sold floating in the market have no brand, no censorship of quality. Therefore, those chairs do not have enough technical features to bring absolute relaxation to customers like HAKAWA folding chairs.

With HCM folding chair of HAKAWA brand has a moderate width to help people lie comfortably. Not only that, the length of the chair is designed with superior Vietnamese geometry for people to relax and stretch their legs comfortably without any discomfort. Thick, soft cushion for a relaxing feeling from the inside out.