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There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun. This includes fasting, also known as going without food for a period of time. You may or may not be familiar with the concept. Some people know only about fasting as a religious thing. Many different religions use fasting as a devotional and a way to get closer to their faith. However recent science and weight loss research has shown much promise in utilizing fasting techniques in both losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

Fasting to lose weight may seem crazy and even counter-intuitive at first. All of the conventional messages about dropping weight are about reducing calories right? But the way you go about it is can make all the difference in the world. Leptitox Conventional wisdom is to calorie restrict through a regimented program of counting calories, tracking them, and making sure at the end of the day that you had less calories go into your body than you burned. In other words you want a net loss of calories to lose weight. Depending on the program you subscribe to, this can mean straight up counting calories or a convoluted system of points. For a lot of people this is just setting themselves up for failure. There is too much to remember, too many details in logging all of your food.

The general guide for your weight loss journey

It's challenging to remember to track your daily food let alone look up the exact calorie count for everything you put in your mouth. This is especially true if you like to eat a varied diet (which most nutritionists suggest). Every meal you are forced to figure out the calorie count which can be especially challenging if you cook your own meals or eat out somewhere that doesn't have a handy calorie count.

Now imagine instead you pick one or two days per week to have an intermittent fast. These designated fasting days have a clear start and stop time. You will be staying fully hydrated, but not eating little to nothing during this time. This much simpler solution, can drastically cut your calories for the week in the same if not better manner than a strict daily, calorie count. You can create the same net negative on calories, which is the key to weight loss, but in a much easier way. Think of a fast as giving your body a break from eating and therefore calories.