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5+ most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about vacuum cleaners

Let us try to picture where you are now! You’ve been reading Top best vacuum cleaners  for a while, but you haven’t been able to narrow down your choices yet, as there are numerous options out there. What if we listed some of the FAQs and their answers for you? Sounds good, right?

1. Which should I choose: Bagged vacuums or bagless vacuums?

Bagless vacuum cleaners save you money, as you don’t have to buy bags, but they do have filters, so you have to clean their filters periodically (or replace them if needed).

There are indicators in bagged vacuum cleaners to inform users when the bags are full. However, these bags hold dirt, and thus, you can’t avoid breathing in dust when releasing them. Given this, those who suffer from allergies should consider buying bagless vacuums.

2. Should I choose a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum?

Upright vacuums work best for carpeted floors, while canister ones work better on hard floors. However, there are some upright models with dual motors and a brush roll that can work well on hard floors, too.

3. Do stick vacuums perform as well as conventional vacuums?

No. They’re designed for quick clean-ups. Stick vacuums can pick up dirt on the surfaces of your kitchen table, cupboard, or hard floors, but they don’t perform well on carpeted floors. Buyers should not assume that they can replace their conventional vacuums, as stated in some best vacuum cleaner reviews.

4. I have pets, and I also have carpets and rugs on my floor. Which vacuum feature makes it a must-have for my home?

Of course, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner with great suction. Best vacuum cleaner reviews always include models with impressive suction power. Additionally, a rotating brush is a must-have for pet owners, as it easily cleans the fur off your carpets and rugs.

5. I have stairs in my house. What is the most critical detail in the vacuum’s specifications I should pay attention to?

Its weight. You wouldn’t want to sweat carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs every week. You wouldn’t want to fall down the stairs while tidying up your house, either. Therefore, buying a lightweight model is a wise choice.

Most lists of Best vacuum cleaner for home always include lightweight models from different manufacturers. Pay close attention to the weight of those models.

6. Should I buy a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter?

It depends. If your family suffers from conditions related to the respiratory system (such as asthma or allergies), then you should. A vacuum with a HEPA filter significantly improves air quality.

7. Can robot vacuums deep clean my house?

Not really. Even though robot vacuums can do the cleaning work while you’re working or cooking, they can’t compete with canister or upright vacuums.

Some of the latest robot vacuums can get under your couch, sofa, or bed. But if you expect them to pick up the tiniest particles in your house, then you might be disappointed. Perhaps this is why robot vacuums haven’t yet earned their place on the best vacuum reviews yet.

The bottom line

We hope the above FAQs have worked as a guide for you. While reading best vacuum cleaner reviews gives you some ideas on the Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners  on the market, reading FAQs can also help you to answer some of your questions to make a well-informed decision. Click share if you like this post, and let us know if you have any comments.