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Viewing Adult Content Help

by Katlyn Jerome (2019-08-12)

Porn is generally seen as something men watch online or TV as a way to masturbate. Conversely, women also watch porn. In todays society, not many women will admit to watching it - only 8 percent of women said theyve viewed Internet porn in a Pew Research poll. This low number, as a Slate.com writer suggested, may be because women have been told that porn is something only men watch. In response to those findings, Ann Summers, a British sex toy retailer, conducted its own online survey of customers in 2013 which saw a significantly larger 55 percent of women saying they view porn at least once a month. That poll is based on a significantly more specific group of women, but it tells us that there can be a big difference among how lots of women admit to watching porn and the way many women actually do.

Some women may believe that admitting to watching porn makes them look like sex addicts, but this stigma needs to change. Women should know that watching porn is a normal part of sex - both men and women are sexual human beings. Women who are open about watching porn arent going to appear like sex addicts, it's going to simply show that they enjoy sex just as much as men do.

Even though I dont frequently watch porn, I don't think there should be any negative connotations toward women that watch porn. Women have as much of a right as men to watch porn, and should not be judged for it. The Ann Summers poll demonstrated that porn can be beneficial to women by improving ones sex life as well as helping to alleviate stress.

It's been reported that couples who watch porn together are more committed and sexually satisfied than women who dont watch porn with their significant others. In the poll, 58 percent of women said that porn has made a positive effect within their sex life, admitting that watching porn inspired them to tell their partner just what they want in bed. Moreover, exposure to porn could give women more confidence to try different positions.

According to a couple of studies, about 49 percent of young great adult material women agree that watching porn is definitely an acceptable way of expressing their sexuality. Watching porn has inspired couples to turn the camera on themselves and make their very own videos. Over 40% of women in the Ann Summers poll admitted to recording pornography with their ex or current partner. Some even admitted to making it on their mobile phone.

Porn not just helps a woman in her relationship, it is also an area where women can escape and de-stress. A lot of women live very stressful lives and porn may be an accessible release. Over 85 percent of women within the Ann Summers poll stated that watching porn was an area to experience their fantasies and relieve stress. Another study indicated that people that view sexual images are a lot less stressed and performed better on a math test.

Porn should be viewed as a normal medium for both people to satisfy themselves or maybe aide their relationship. There should not be this stereotype that women have to be sex addicts to watch porn. People in society should realize there are plenty of benefits of women watching pornography, and women shouldnt be embarrassed to talk about that they watch porn. This stigma should end and women should be more open about watching porn and feel free to do it.