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by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-05)

However, drinking too much has a far more damaging effect than just <a href="https://healthinfluencer.net/capsiplex-reviews/">Capsiplex Review</a> increasing your units and calorie intake. Contrary to popular belief, excess calories from alcohol are not stored and converted into fat...it's easy to blame the bulge on the 'beer belly.' It's actually the other way around. Alcohol reduces the amount of fat that is available to burn for energy. Let's look at this in more detail. Your body draws from a number of different sources to make energy, i.e. quality forms of unprocessed fats, carbohydrate and protein...in the absence of alcohol. If you choose to have an alcoholic drink, your liver will convert it into a substance called acetate. When the acetate levels in your blood start to rise, this becomes the first available source of energy, i.e. you burn alcohol first and will NOT burn the other food groups. Therefore it becomes very easy to store and gain fat as everything else will not be used up. So what does all of this mean. In simple terms, your body will burn energy from whatever you feed it. If you give it lots of alcohol, it will burn acetate (once converted) and turn everything excess into fat.

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