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by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-05)

So seeing six pack abs has everything to do with Muscletronic Review getting rid of total body fat and not spot reducing. Consuming just under your calorie maintenance level while eliminating empty calories that convert to fat is the quickest way to burn belly fat, and let those six pack abs show. Dr. Bruce Craig, Ball State University, had a great little article that talked about fat burning and how it happens. It is a little "dry" for the general public, so I have tried to summarize it with some commentary for you guys. The original article is from the National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal, vol 28, number 5, October 2006 and I can provide a copy if anyone would like it. Summary: The ability to burn fat during exercise is dependent on exercise intensity and length of workout. This is a simple, but key point. The main fuel sources of energy during exercise are carbs and fat. You will always be burning a combination of both of these. How HARD and how LONG you exercise will determine if you burn a greater percent of your fuel from carbs or from fat. If you are trying to lose body fat, you want to do exercise that is lower intensity and lasts for a longer time. This type of activity means that more of the calories that are being burned will actually come from fat. Some will still come from carbs, but most will come from fat.