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by Shanu Sweet (2019-06-29)

Once your hands are properly cleaned and dry sit you Lutenol Review contact lens on your middle index finger. Next step is to out a drop of solution on the centre of your lenses. Now with the free hand you have pull the lower eye lid with your thumb and then look up with the eye that you are going to be inserting the lens into. Then you need to take the index finger that has the contact on it and place it directly into your eye. Do not close your eye suddenly, try to keep it open for a good few seconds to let the contact settle into place. After you hold out for a few seconds close your eye and your contact should be in place perfectly. Of course the more your practice over time the more better you will get at it. Then do the same with the other eye and you are all done. The reason that I am putting up my personal story is to help those who are considering Lasik treatment, to get some guidance and a personal view on how it all works and whether or not it is the right option for you. It will also help for those who have read so many horror stories that it can at times be overwhelming to know whether it is the right option or not.