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StrictionD Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-06-13)

They are advised to have their StrictionD insulin treatment in the hospital with the care of a doctor specialized in diabetes disease. In this case, your child needs an individual insulin routine which will be planned and managed by the team in the hospital. The avoidance of hypos or low blood glucose attacks and a good glucose control is also very crucial in monitoring the severity of diabetes in your child. The reason it has to be monitored is due to minimize the number of complications that your child has to suffer in the future. The longer the child lives with diabetes, the more your child feels the pain. A good recommendation on the rules of thumb for a child with diabetes is taking a healthy balanced diet that is high in fiber and carbohydrates from a trained dietician. Parents and dietician should determine how much your child should eat. So, if you child has a diabetes better keep your eyes on her/him so as not to let your child suffer most in the future. She wept profusely as the doctors announced to her that her kid had diabetes. They came out with the diagnosis after series of tests were conducted on the child; the results only confirmed the medical team's fears. They had listened to the mother's complaints, and the signs and symptoms the child was said to have presented for months. Kelvin was born a normal child, just like his siblings and like any other child in the neighborhood; there was nothing to warn the parents that he would one day become a diabetic, especially in his childhood. He had adapted well; he also ate what other children in the house ate. He looked very healthy: he was a little fatter than his siblings at his age. He was okay, until about the age of eight, when suddenly he started experiencing some funny symptoms which his not-two-educated parents took for granted.