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TestMax Nutrition

by princy william (2019-06-13)

After you have prepared your TestMax Nutrition Review soil, set out a garden irrigation system with lines set 30cm (12") apart, each line having drippers also set 30cm (12") apart. The drippers should irrigate small spots of soil on a 30cm grid pattern. Turn the irrigation on so that the bed is marked by a small wet spot under each dripper. Using the end of a broomstick make a 2cm (3/4") deep depression in each wet spot. Sow 4 or 5 beetroot seeds in each depression, then cover over with fine soil. Irrigate regularly. Using an automatic solar pump to irrigate using rainwater from a water barrel is ideal, as it can be used anywhere. On heavy soil irrigating about every 5 days is good On well drained soil more frequent watering is better. Keep irrigating throughout the crop unless it is wet anyway. With your plants growing in groups on a grid pattern, hoeing out weeds is easy. You can hoe in two directions. Just be careful not to hoe the irrigation line. Any weeds growing within the beetroot groups just pull by hand - they will come out easily as the soil will be damp. As your plants grow, pull the biggest root from each group for eating, leaving the smaller ones to grow on. Don't pull all the beet from any one group until all the other groups are thinned. What can you expect? I have conducted trials in my own garden in 2010, comparing rows of watered beet with control rows left unwatered. In all other respects the rows were treated the same. The seeds were sown on April 9th under fleece. At the first harvest on July 1st, 1 metre of control row produced 110g of beetroot which were really too small to eat. The watered row produced 405g of good "baby beetroot" sized roots. The irrigation had effectively made production start between 2 and 3 weeks earlier. At the second harvest on August 3rd both rows were producing edible sized roots. The control and watered rows produced 1225g and 1800g respectively. That's an increase of 47% from irrigating. Acai berries from nature provide the healthiest of all products that provides the power to fight diseases.