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by gold stone (2019-06-12)

Now on a psychological level, OptiMind Review trauma refers to wounding of your emotions, your spirit and you're will to live, self confidence and the world around you, your dignity and the feeling of your own security. The impact of the traumatic event has been so great on your emotions that the normal way of your life, thinking and feelings are turned up side down so that the way you handle stress in the past is now very inadequate. In your life time there are many crises that we deal with every day some are small and some are large like,Losing your wallet to dealing with the lose of one's partner or family member. Even through many of these events are certainly stressful and often can describe a traumatic events but they are not really considered as a traumatic event in the technical terms.Trauma refers to events that involved death or injury, or the possibility of death or major injury. Trauma involves events that are of high intensity or at a magnitude of horror that would be so intense that any human beings would NOT be able to cope with. In General, the word TRAUMA is reserved for:Man made catastrophes: like war or combat, prison or war camp experiences, physical assaults, sexual assaults also other forms of victimization such as: robbery, mugging, home invasion which involving the threat to your life or a limb.Other forms of trauma which may be experience can be considered as trauma may include thing like: community and or work related disasters, where there has being a serious accident, death to a co-worker(s), chemical spills or vehicular accidents like: car, plane, train accident or witnessing the death, or assault of another person.Someone is in a traumatic event when they know or believe that they could be killed or injured or someone around you might be. Like for example if you where to be mugged and they told you that they would stab you if you did not do as they say, you have every reason to believe that you are in some danger. This event would definitely be classified as trauma. However if the mugger did not say a word but made other facial expression or gestures that they could harm or murder you. For any reason that you might believe you could be seriously injured or murder during the robbery you can also be as traumatized.Just listing the situation or experiences which may be consider as "traumatic" which is insufficient to define trauma which leads us to this question "what do these situation and experiences have in common". A traumatic event or an experience which is outside of your ordinary experience or expectations about the way your world works and or how that other people treat each other. https://binaryforexacademy.com/optimind-reviews/