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by Ssregina Regina (2019-06-11)

These days, many people are finding ways to transform a Wildfit Review small corner of their home, garage or yard into a personal fitness area. Even without investing in expensive workout equipment, you can find ways to stay in tip-top shape by working out at home.If you are looking to build more muscle while keeping your heart in shape, here are 5 exercises for men to do at home: Chin-ups & pull-ups:Chin-ups and pull-ups both require access to an inexpensive pull-up bar or horizontal beam in order to do them at home. And, the small investment is worth it. You can put a bar up without screws inside a door frame in less than 5 minutes. And, the workout you get from pulling your body weight up and then lowering it back down is tremendous.Chin-ups involve facing your palms toward you and placing them onto the bar. They work your biceps and shoulders, in particular. Meanwhile, pull-ups involve facing your palms away from you, with a slightly wider grip. They give your biceps and deltoids a great burn. Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps each.Incline push-ups:Incline push-ups work like regular push-ups, but they involve elevating your feet 2-3 feet off of the ground first. Get a wooden crate, side of a couch or a chair and elevate your feet. Then, get into standard push-up position, with hands on the ground or floor. This exercise focuses particular attention on your upper chest and triceps muscles. Do 2 sets of at least 20-30 reps each (or as many as you can do at once). Maintain proper form by keeping your back as straight as possible.