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by princy william (2019-06-08)

Let's clear something up. Nobody Sqribble Review likes feeling as though they're being held back by their level of formal education. It's also an awkward topic to talk about. But my friend really wants to start an eBook publishing company but is afraid that he's not qualified to do this because he doesn't have a college degree. I'm a big believer in education, but there are an awful lot of successful people in the world today who don't have a college degree. You might be thinking, well, but this is the publishing business. You have to be good with words. Okay, reality check time: you have to be reasonably decent at being able to convey a message. We're not vying for literary awards here, if you know what I mean. Can you speak? Can you convey what's in your mind in a reasonably clear way to other people when you talk to them? If so, that's all the expertise you need to get started in this business. A few weeks ago I was speaking to someone else who operates a reasonably successful eBook publishing business. We were talking about various aspects of our industry. One thing that came up was how little real competition there is in this business. We both agreed that there are a lot of people interested in getting started in this business, but few who ever really follow through and do much of anything. This brought up an important topic that revolves around competition within the eBook publishing market. Is it something you should really be worried about? Should you be keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing? These are all excellent questions. Here are the facts. You can never really change what a competitor may or may not do. Those are external variables outside of your immediate control. What you should be monitoring and watching is consumer behavior. What's being talked about in the news? These are all potential eBook topics that you can cash in on.