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Uncompromised Life

by Ssregina Regina (2019-06-08)

Very often, you can hear people saying that someone else is Uncompromised Life Review to blame for not getting a better job or that something that happened is the reason. Sometimes it could be true, but with most people, it is possible that they are causing their own failure. How is that possible?There are people who do not stream to high goals and perfect life. They are happy and pleased with average and that is for respect. They have their piece of mind and that is something that we all want. However, others, who have high goals and always want something better in order to be happy, but still doesn't achieve that, not even close, might be doing it to themselves.How they do that? Truth is that people avoid success on purpose by choosing behavior that will bring them failure. They will sabotage themselves because they are afraid of success. They will persistently choose to do things that have no effect on their promotion on new job, or in a relationship, in order to be able to blame all others. The point of this behavior is that success brings more responsibilities, certain expectations and constant proving that we deserve what we gained. That is very stressful and includes very hard work. Therefore, they want success but are not ready to, actually, live it.The example for this kind of behavior can be a young, successful, business woman that has very short relationships. Every time when she meets men, she will try too hard by buying them perfumes on second date, calling them five times a day and doing everything to scare them away. Why? Maybe she is not prepared to commit herself to a serious relationship and everything that that brings.Another example of this kind of behavior is a young person that has the opportunity, same as all others at her firm, to attend course of new business strategies and do the test afterwards. Who does the test with success, gets the promotion. The young person will find excuses not to learn and do the test well, because she or he cannot cope with what that position brings.