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Re: Are you interested in herbal and natural remedies?

by John Collin (2020-06-06)

In response to Are you interested in herbal and natural remedies?

The form of the diary does not matter: get a thick notebook or buy a diary if you like to write by hand. If you prefer to print, then keep an electronic version of the diary on your home computer. Most importantly, treat your notes as your favorite hobby. Everything that is done with pleasure is much more efficient and effective. The most necessary information for recording: meal time, what exactly you ate and in what quantity. Make it a habit to take notes right after you eat. If you summarize at the end of the day, it will be difficult to remember all the details. If you have a computer version, do not forget to carry a spare P with you in the form of a small notebook, so that if, after dinner, in a restaurant, for example, you could record the amount of food eaten and drunk on the spot,

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