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Resurge Review

by John Collin (2020-06-06)

In response to Are you interested in herbal and natural remedies?

Experts advise: in order to overcome the craving for overeating, it is necessary to record not only what you eat, but also in what circumstances you usually eat too much. For example, you eat a lot of chocolate, because at work there is a vending machine with chocolate bars. Or often drink a milkshake, because on the way home go to the cafe. Or reach for something crunchy when watching TV. When you trace such a connection, you can try to break it. Keep fruits or berries handy. Choose another path to the house: if there is a park nearby, take a walk. If stress makes you want to eat, it’s better to go to the bathroom instead of the kitchen. Relax in warm foam. Extra bonus: as soon as you start controlling every piece you eat, you will involuntarily chew more slowly, Resurge Review