Ari Nur Widiyanto, Sigit Ricahyono


Dagadu Djokja is one of the icons Yogyakarta which provides various souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta such as t-shirts, batik, handicrafts and others. One product that is in demand by tourists is the shirt, because the shirt Dagadu has unique characteristics that are of cultural value delivered. In this study will analyze Dagadu products in terms of verbal and visual elements as well as explore the culture found on the shirt Dagadu.The approach of this study is descriptive qualitative. The type of this study is document research. The data of this research takes from In this study, the researcher uses the Systemic Functional Grammar to analyse the verbal elements, the Generic Structure Potential to analyse the visual elements and the Iceberg Model to analyse the culture reflected in dagadu product.


Culture; Dagadu; Discourse Analysis

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