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The objective this research are to know the application of teaching descriptive text reading through Index Card Match (ICM) and the advantages and disadvantages of teaching descriptive text reading through Index Card Match (ICM) for the seventh grade students SMPN 2 Barat in the academic year 2014/2015.This research is conducted in SMP N 2 Barat by qualitative method. The sample is class VII A which consists of 22 students. The strategies of accumulating data are observation, interview, and documentation. The data analysis is carried out by the use of data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing and verification. The result of this research indicates that the activities are divided into three activities. There are pre-activities, whilst-activities and post-activities. Pre-activities are greeting, asking condition, giving motivation and mentioning the materials. Whilst-activities are explaining materials, explaining the instruction of ICM, and giving exercise of ICM. Then, post-activities are asking the difficulties, summarizing materials and closing. From the result of the data observation cheek list, the researcher makes the class interesting and the students always pay attention in teaching reading. The advantages using ICM are that: 1)Index Card Match (ICM) the students are able to read descriptive text faster in limited time, 2) Index card match (ICM) makes teaching learning process exciting, 3)Index card match makes the subject matter presented be more attractive for students, 4)Index Card Match can make students have self confidence, enjoy, have good enthusiasm in the teaching and learning. But disadvantages using ICM  thatare the situation becomes crowded classroom, because students interact with classmates and Teachersshouldspend some more time. Finally, the researcher suggests to the teacher to apply ICM method in teaching learning process as an alternative method. For further researcher they can develop this method to get a better result in teaching and learning process.


Index Card Match; Teaching Reading; Teaching Descriptive Text

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